Prospects for the sector to 2020

bussinesTraditionally, we haven’t put much thought into the value of exporting our services. Instead, we’ve focused on exporting our natural resources and the products made from them. However, the tradable services sector comprises a broad and exciting range of economic activities that provide major opportunities for BC and its principle urban regions. Service exports can be of very high value and could help to diversify the BC export base—both in terms of the mix of products and services we export and the diversity of markets into which we sell.

These services could be very valuable to our 2020 economy and its export base if we acknowledge their potential and develop suitable provincial and regional policies to foster their growth and long-term viability. In addition, service exports are environmentally sustainable and can be organized with a minimal ecological footprint.

The discussion in this paper has sought to raise awareness about tradable services, their diversity, and the opportunities that exist for BC to trade them nationally and internationally. We are already highly successful in selling many of these services across Canada and globally. Now we need to broaden the range of the services we sell, while also developing better data sources so we can measure our progress in seizing these opportunities.

Michael A. Goldberg is an emeritus professor and former dean of the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Kerri Brkich is the manager of Public Affairs for the ICABC.

Some Websites Allow for Speedy Loan Applications

Thousands of people apply for loans every year. These people wish to buy large purchases and generally, the only way these items can be afforded is with a loan. Individuals sometimes become nervous when they realize that they must fill out loan applications. This is because of the arduous process that is thought to take place when applications are filled out. In reality, loans are easy to apply to and lenders have made application processes even easier by allowing people to apply online, or via text message at a loan company like Text Loan.

Most loan companies have expanded their processes with growing technology. This means that the same applications that can be filled out in person are available online as well. Customer service agents will look at online applications just like they would other applications and the same considerations are made for individuals who wish to apply online. Online applications are marked with instructions that are clear and precise so that anyone can understand the application process. Loans are accepted or denied a week after applications are received and applicants are given loan information through emails or regular mail correspondence.

Some loan companies offer even easier loan options through text message. Accounts can be set up with these lenders and small loans can be requested when money is needed. Generally, text message lenders give out one hundred or two hundred dollars at a time and this can greatly help individuals who need funds quite quickly. Text message loan companies are newer, but their services are as secure and trustworthy as other loan companies.

Each lender will have different interest rates and terms that apply to loans. These elements need to be looked at closely before a loan is accepted. Also, loans vary in the amount of money that needs to be payed on the loan each month. Usually, the length of the loan and the amount of money received will determine monthly payment amounts.

Anyone who has been considering applying for a loan should not be concerned about the process. Loans are handed out on a daily basis and merely the most basic requirements must be met to receive loan money. Research can be conducted online to find the best lenders and applications can be filled out within thirty minutes or less. There really is nothing to lose when applying for a loan at text loan, so why not ask for needed money?

7 Common Financial Mistakes To Consider

Lots of people make so many mistakes while making decisions how to improve their financial situation, in the meantime making so many simple mistakes. In this article there is a list of the most common small mistakes the consumers make. Tick off the most useful points for yourself and become more financially independent.

1) Do not open a lot of accounts at one time.

Try not to fall into every credit card sign-up with cash behind. Though such an option is very tempting, but do not forget that this will put some points on your record. This also may occur a hard credit. Avoid all the hard records as this may lower your score between three and five points and will not leave your report during two years.

2) Pay bank on time.

Be especially careful with all the payments, as you have to pay back for them. This rule is known to everybody but still you should follow it as one missed payment will take you down on three or five points. But still it is not such a huge issue as if you do not miss other payments, you will regain your high level of the score.

There are some cases when a customer may call to the instant loans lender and ask for a good will deletion. This will do especially if the customer’s behavior was atypical for him/her.

3) Think carefully before closing an old account.

Even if you opened an account and got a credit card, do not rush to close the existing account before opening a new one as it can have a deep impact on your credit score. This action of yours will lower the credit-to-date utilization ratio. Taking into consideration FICO, you can also lose the points which you could have been putting on your score.

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Outlook 2020 Summit Series

Chapter Four

Outlook 2020: Shaping BC’s Economic Future

Date: Friday, April 23, 2010
Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm; 7:30am Registration
Location: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

By any measure, 2009 was a turbulent and challenging year for businesses and economies at home and abroad. The size, scope and reach of the worldwide recession are reminders that we’re living in a truly global marketplace, complete with ties that bind in more ways than one.

For British Columbia, a small, open economy that depends on international trade, tourism and investment to drive its prosperity, 2009 reinforced the importance of building a strong, competitive and diverse economy, one capable of carving out markets and opportunities in the years ahead.

In the fourth and final chapter of Outlook 2020, the Business Council of British Columbia highlights key elements from the first three chapters and the 28 research papers commissioned as part of the 2020 project, and presents options and opportunities for building British Columbia’s economy in the coming decade.


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